The history of Cellpack – a brief review

Cellpack AG was founded in Switzerland in 1935 as successor to Dreifuss Brothers AG, a straw plait manufacturing company which used cellophane, a synthetic material also originating in Switzerland, as a suitable alternative to natural straw, which was beginning to be in short supply. The brothers quickly became aware of the potential of this material for use in packaging and also founded Cellpack, whose name is a shortened form of the words Cellophane Packaging. Many high-quality industrial goods were developed over the following years. Finally, an innovative electrical products division was added; the present-day Cellpack Electrical Products. This division has been active in the development, manufacturing and distribution of modern cable connection systems ever since.

In 1967 Cellpack GmbH was founded by the new division not far from the border in neighbouring Germany. Its purpose was the manufacture of cable connection systems and fibre-reinforced plastics. The new company in Waldshut-Tiengen ensured that the aim of being able to serve the EC domestic market more competitively was fulfilled. Rapid growth meant that the buildings had to be extended at short intervals. In 1987 a new manufacturing facility was built in Tiengener Schl├╝chtwiesen; the management area was expanded just four years later. Shortly after this the manufacturing workshop also had to be extended.

Cellpack Electrical Products employs around 250 staff members worldwide. In addition to the company headquarters in Switzerland and a production site in Waldshut-Tiengen, Cellpack has a further manufacturing site in Radeberg. Further branches in Europe and Asia are in charge of distribution and customer service. Cellpack Electrical Products has been a member of the Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC Group since 2003. The progressive approach favoured by the principal shareholders Mr. Prof. Dr. Giorgio Behr coupled with a minimum level of centralisation within the BBC allows Cellpack Electrical Products to retain a high degree of flexibility within the market and to continuously strengthen its position.


Inside Dreifuss Brothers AG


Manufacturing of cast resin accessories
in Wohlen in the 1960s


Resin filling in Tiengen in the 1970s