Cellpack Heat Shrink Technology

Cellpack Heat Shrink Technology


Heat Shrink Technology for Low and Medium voltage Systems

Heat shrink technology for experts: cable accessories with heat shrink components made from extruding plastic (thermoplastics) distinguish themselves by their vast application range for the most different types of cable such as pipelines- and cross section ranges in low- and medium voltage systems.

They protect against water and damp penetration and therefore against metal corrosion, thus guaranteeing high electrical insulation as well as mechanical protection.

The hybrid joints and cable terminations that have been specially developed by Cellpack for medium-voltages, combine components made out of silicone rubber and heat shrink products for reliable operational safety.


Heat shrink products for low- and medium voltages from Cellpack Electrical Products

The range of heat shrink technology products from Cellpack comprises of connecting-, transition- and pot-end joints, cable terminations, wall ducts, repair sleeves and kits, heat shrink moulded parts as well as heat shrinkable tubes in many styles and variations. The specific heat shrink products are perfectly suited to their respective area of implementation thus guaranteeing the maximum mechanical protection for cable connections.

Universal Use of Heat Shrink Products from Cellpack:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Underground
  • Water
  • Installation ducts/ ductwork

Style Variants and Properties of Heat Shrink Products from Cellpack:

Heat shrinkable tubes

  • Thin-, medium- and thick walled
  • Shrink ratio 2:1, 3:1, 4:1
  • Single- or double-walled
  • Styles with or without thermoplastic adhesive
  • Transparent and coloured heat shrinkable tubes for coding
  • Halogen-free
  • Self-extinguishing

Heat shrinkable joints

  • For different types of cable such as polymeric, rubber or paper-insulated cables screened or unscreened for control- and signal cables with concentric conductors
  • Resistant against chemical influences or to ¬†alkaline earth elementsas well as stabilized against UV rays
  • Free from paint-wetting inhibiting substances and halogen-free
  • Cross-section or longitudinally watertight / damp proof
  • High electrical insulation values and / or mechanical strength

Moulded parts

  • With or without adhesive
  • Choice of additional sealing material
  • For 2-, 3-, 4-, 5 wire cables and pipelines
  • Various ratio of shrinking