Cast Resin Technology

Cast resin technology


The Cellpack cast resin joints offer an overall long-term protection in terms of insulation values and resistance for all kind of cable accessories and cross sections. This is guaranteed by high-grade, unfilled 2-component-PUR-cast resins which are designed for various applications as well as by the shockproof plastic moulds available with or without integrated strain relief. After the hardening process, the cable joints are resistant to mechanical and electrical loads.

The scope of delivery for all cast resins and branch-off joints or universal branch-off boxes of Cellpack includes a cast resin tailored to the pre-selected field of application. The cast resins are further available individually in two-chamber bags with separation bars, if requested. The mixing of the cast resin component and the hardener is effected directly before the filling into the mould which is designed with at least one filling opening.

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Cast resins

Cast resins

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